From farm to wardrobe

A Responsible approach to fashion

From farm to wardrobe and when you choose, back to the earth – biodegradable knitwear designed and manufactured in the UK.

Our product
Do you know what’s in your knit?

All of our garments are completely biodegradable and are made using nothing but British wool. We operate a strict belief that your Yan Tan knit will travel from farm to wardrobe and back to soil if you so wish.

We ship your garment directly from our UK based factory meaning no unnecessary travel around the UK.

Meet the YAN TAN Sheep





Spun in England, Designed in England, Manufactured in England, Warehouse in England.

Our Stance on Welfare

We work closely with British Wool to ensure our wool is sourced responsibly from accredited sheep farmers within the UK. These farmers must meet animal welfare standards as set by UK Government.

Unlike your high street knit, with Yan Tan you will know directly where your knitwear has come from.

Yan Tan is recognised by British Wool as an accredited British knitwear brand, and therefore meet the ethical criteria required to hold this status. We take our values extremely seriously and operate an ethical UK business.

By choosing Yan Tan you are directly improving demand for British wool and in turn helping the UK wool economy.

Quality Materials

Our knitwear is made using 100% British wool – we don’t mix our wool with man made fibres or plastics meaning our knits are completely biodegradable.

British wool and Shetland wool has a raw and natural feel to it, that’s its charm. British wool, made for British weather.

We do not use any plastics or man made fibres within our knitwear. This means our knitwear is completely biodegradable. We know where your knitwear has come from and believe you should know too.


Our contemporary designs are comprised of stitches and designs inspired by British history. Knitwear has its heritage within Great Britain, which is why you’ll see our love of cables, nepps yarns, vintage inspired details and designs knitted to last.

A frustration of ours is how limited knitwear sizing can be. Why should the shape of your beautiful body determine what you wear? Answer: It shouldn’t. That’s why Yan Tan believes in inclusive sizing. If the sizing isn’t to your liking – feel free to contact us.

Where possible we use whole garment knitting machines. This means lower carbon emissions and less labour than traditional knitting methods, simplifying the process.

Garment care

Want to look after your garment? Check out our guide to washing & storage.