Our Story

Have you ever just woken up one day and thought “this isn’t right?” – that’s what happened to us when we started thinking about the UK knitwear industry.

We are friends of 15 years, now side hustling to make our dream a reality. Knitwear has always been a passion that hopefully can now become our careers.

Farming and its country way of life is something that I was brought up on, childhood memories of feeding my Grandma’s sheep and going to sheep dog trials is part of my DNA. I grew up running through fields, listening to sheep bleet in the evening and have many happy memories nestled up in the Yorkshire Dales.

We created Yan Tan because it felt like a duty, why are we importing wool when we have it here on our shores? Why are we mixing wool with man made fibres such as acrylic, polyester and nylon when wool is already an incredible natural fibre all on its own? Most importantly, why don’t we know where our wool is coming from? Don’t you want to meet the shepherdess or shepherd that’s spent months looking after the sheep whose wool now sits on your shoulders? I know I do.

Grown in the UK

We know where your wool has come from, do you? We work alongside farmers who lovingly care for their flock. We like happy sheep – from their farm to your wardrobe.

Made in the UK
manufactured exclusively in the UK

All of our garments are manufactured in the UK, none of our wool is imported, the only thing going overseas is our vacation plans. That’s it. We like our carbon footprint low, and intend on keeping it that way.

Social Responsibility
Caring for our crew

We want to look after our farmers which is why you can donate to R.A.B.I. at checkout. R.A.B.I. (The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution) offers online wellbeing, support and counselling for farming people within the UK.

Our stance on Sustainable Knitwear

Supply chain transparency
Made to last using only natural fibres
100% British wool
No unnecessary travel
Limited production with zero waste